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Audio Suite

“LHV Audio Services is comprised of Raintree Recording studio & a full arsenal of audio creation & editing equipment.”

LHV Audio Services is a full service audio production & audio post-production company. Our work can be heard in feature films, television programs, television and radio commercials, on-line media, corporate presentations and even a few amusement park rides and planetariums.

Raintree Recording Studios is our lock-to-picture Pro Tools studio offering two recording rooms, a variety of the latest plug-ins & vintage gear, over 100 microphones, Source Connect Pro for VO & ADR sessions and multiple music & sound effects libraries.

The LHV Audio Mobile Unit is flexible in it’s design to meet the

LHV Audio’s Equipment

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Consoles & Monitors:

  • Slate RAVEN MTi2 and Digidesign ProControl

  • Neve 5422 R

  • Genelec 1030 surround system with 1092 subwoofer

  • Yamaha NS10s

Recording Rooms:

  • 8′ x 12′ iso-room

  • 24′ x 30′ recording stage with a 20′ ceiling

  • Both rooms are equipped with video monitors for ADR & foley work

Music Libraries:

  • American Music

  • Omni Music

  • Both rooms are equipped with video monitors for ADR & foley work

  • Smart Sound

  • Music Bakery

  • Studio Cutz

  • The Great Escape

  • Powerhouse

  • Music2Hues

  • Turner Music

Audio Processing:

  • Mic pre-amps by Amek/Neve , Millennia, API, TL Audio, Presonus & Grace

  • Compressors by Urei, Drawmer, Empirical Labs & dbx

  • Effects processors by Lexicon, Eventide, TC Electronics, Aphex, & White

  • Plug-ins by Waves, Line 6, Sound Toys, Avid, SSL, Fairchild & many more

  • Source-Connect Pro with a dedicated high-speed internet line, Gentner telephone interface

Audio Format-Transfer Machinery:

  • Tascam DA-88 Multitrack Recorder

  • Alesis ADAT Multitrack Recorder

  • Fostex D-15 timecode DAT

  • Panasonic SV3700 DAT

  • Denon DN-600F CD Player

  • Marantz 600 CD burner

  • Otari 5050B Analog 2-Track

  • Marantz PMD 510 Cassette Recorder

Audio Format-Transfer Machinery:

  • Neumann

  • AKG

  • Shure, Sennheiser

  • Sony

  • Electro Voice

  • Soundelux

  • Oktava

  • Audio Technica

  • DPA

  • Earthworks

  • Audix

  • Schoeps

Sound Effect Libraries:

  • Hollywood Edge – Premier, Edge, Animal Trax Editions

  • Sound Ideas 1000, 2000, 6000, 7000 series

  • Hanna Barbera

  • Universal Studios

  • 20th Century Fox

  • BBC

  • Seraphine Platinum Sounds

  • Digiffects Sports Series

  • Voice Box

  • Multiple Elements Discs

  • LHV Audio Custom

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