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The FF&T Team

FF&T is an established, progressive full-service creative production company working in all genres and formats of production, stills and motion pictures. We’re a collection of multi-talented folk covering a wide range of skills and experiences. Staff are Mike, Brad, George, Cleve and Patti…the rest are freelancers and esteemed associates with whom we have been happily working for many years. This approach allows us to reach out to the most qualified production personnel for each particular job and allows us to be flexible with budgets, particularly when there is travel involved.

Incorporated as Southern Exposure, Inc., in Orlando in 1980, by brothers Mike and Brad Fuller, FF&T is one of Florida’s most respected and experienced commercial, corporate and entertainment production companies. Of course there have been a few changes since 1980. The company started out as a film production company with full film shooting/editing capabilities and a ¾” off-line edit suite. The ¾” gave way to 1” and then BetaSP, and the film editing suite became an AVID and the linear edit suite morphed into a Final Cut Pro. The Arriflex cameras got some new cousins named Sony & Ikegami & Panasonic, and AVID bowed to Final Cut. The audio suite grew (you’re welcome, Rob Thomas – glad it worked out for ya), and the Final Cuts propagated. Through it all the Arri 16s and 35s stayed in the arsenal, though now mostly (sadly) on the shelf.

Whew! Thirty-eight years of technological progression in one paragraph. We don’t shoot much film these days at Florida Film & Tape, and tape is a rare bird anymore, but we’re proud of our heritage and what we’ve learned. Besides, Florida Digital & Computers just doesn’t have the same ring. As a full-service production company, working from script development through final edit, we are proud of our work. We are proud of the company we keep and the fact that so many came through the door as clients and remain our good friends. And that’s just our first 30-plus years.

Bradford Fuller

President/Creative Director/Executive Producer

Michael Fuller


Cleve Cooney


George Burkitt

Director of Photography/Camera Operator

Patti Miller

Producer, Stylist and General Manager

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