Working through a Pandemic

Florida Film & Tape News April 2020

Like most of the country, Florida Film & Tape is hunkered down and working through the issues and logistics of the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re still open for business, with Media positioned as an “essential business” with the responsibility of helping to get the word out when & where needed. The need to communicate clearly and concisely is stronger now than ever, and we’re here to help facilitate that goal.

Our major productions have been re-scheduled for a later date, but we’re continuing to work with small cast & crew in sensible production situations.  We’re handling post-production with on-line client connection either in our edit suites or remotely from home, and taking all of the suggested CDC precautions. We’ve shifted casting to a totally on-line environment, to great success.

Some of our clients have taken this opportunity to re-purpose previous edits and footage, and of course to use the time to plan for productions once the world is ready. We’ve also been a supporter of on-line learning, for both English as a Second Language (ESOL) and Performing Arts Education, through our affiliated Interactive Academy and Interactive Academy of Performing Arts. Here’s a link to a recent press release.

Our aircraft have opened up travel for us when commercial aviation is a non-starter for several reasons, so we remain mobile, nimble and ready to help get your message out there.

Give us a shout if we can help in any way, and stay safe, not just for yourself, but for the community.

SEE PRESS RELEASE for additional resources from local businesses

The FF&T Team

April, 2020