Work at FF&T has continued at a strong pace in the recovery phase after the pandemic. Some projects dropped off the calendar and some never returned. But many video production companies, like FF&T, waited it out and are running at full speed again. This is due in part because some new needs require new communications, particularly in video. So, working in post pandemic video production has created some new strategies.

One of the issues all of America is facing is a worker shortage. Folks got used to either not working or working from home. Some found alternative sources of income and many of those positions, particularly in service and manufacturing, are harder to fill.

FF&T has topped the short list of marine specialist video production companies for over 40 years. So, were tapped this year by Boston Whaler and Sea Ray to do a variety of videos. Both of these boat companies are under the Brunswick banner. Our project was to create a series of videos for employee recruitment and retention.

Sea Ray took the approach of defining and exploring each of the many disciplines required to build their quality boats. In the video we took a short look at the jobs and the people who perform those jobs. We looked from President Keith Yunger on down.

Boston Whaler took a slightly different approach. They incorporated a top-down motivational message from President Kris Neff. We built on the pride of building boats with one of the most recognized and revered brands in the industry. But both approaches built upon the concept of the quality work and the quality associates. Learning about each professional position and inviting potential new employees and associates to join the family.

On the other Florida coast, Chris Craft Boats asked FF&T editor, Cleve Cooney, to create a series of sales training videos. These were for their full line of luxury runabouts. In the recent past, the most effective, though not very cost-efficient method of sales training, was in-person, hands-on. Considering that Chris Craft, along with many of the top brands in the industry, is an international commodity.

Covid changed that approach, and the video concept has proved to be very effective and extremely economical.

Other recent marine industry clients, that have proven to be long-term friends, are Cobalt Boats, Monterey-Blackfin Boats, Suzuki Outboards, and Yamaha Outboards. Some of the work for those folks slowed or was postponed due to Covid. But together, with Covid protocols in place, we managed to move those down the production/post-production line. Fortunately, we’ve turned a corner on the spread of the virus, and that’s both simplified the production process and opened up the pipeline a bit.

A regular FF&T client for several years, the Florida Concrete & Products Association, took a Covid break for about a year from video projects. They have now come back with a few new messages and videos at the back end of 2022. Glad to have them back on the schedule.

Another FF&T specialty is the aviation industry. Super Petrel, who is a strong leader in the Amphibian Light Sport market, has kept the crew busy. We’ve done videos for new product introductions, including their newest Super Petrel XP, and their on-going maintenance training program.

The Super Petrel line exclusively uses the Rotax aviation engines. Also, Lockwood Aviation in the middle of the state asked FF&T to create a series of product training videos for the Rotax powerplants. This follows the well-received and entertaining series of flight experience videos for AirCam, another Lockwood company.

Both FF&T founders Mike & Brad Fuller are both longtime avid seaplane pilots. So, no surprise, the Seaplane Pilots Association could not be left behind. The FF&T team, working in concert with the Seaplane Pilots Foundation, created a safety video for amphibious landing gear operations. This will be the first in a series of safety initiatives and training programs for SPA. These are just some of the many video and photography projects we’ve completed for SPA.

Check out FF&T’s YouTube channel to see some great samples of our work.

Working In Post Pandemic Video Production